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Our music on Sundays combines both ancient and modern hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs with the primary goal of enabling all generations and musical tastes to worship the Living God. Worship is a central aspect of what we are called to do and be as citizens of God’s Kingdom. Music is one of the main vehicles that invites us into worship. It’s natural to sing when you’re in love. Have you heard the expression ‘You have a song in your heart’? God has placed his heart in ours and his song in our hearts so it’s a natural thing to sing back to him. In worship, we are really singing God's song back to him. Music is the vehicle for our personal response to God's great redemption work . 


Music is a profound part of reality. From the highest heaven to the darkest places on earth there is music.



Our music is most often lead with piano, violin, and viola, and drums We also regularly utilize guitar and organ in worship. We sing songs in a variety of styles from Irish folk to gospel jazz, traditional hymns to contemporary christian music.  You can hear/see a sampling of music below- but we have to warn you- the sound quality isn't great- stay tuned for improved recordings!

ANCIENT OF DAYS_edited.jpg


Music each week is carefully selected to allow the congregation to respond in worship to the bible readings and sermon. We believe that the words we sing should be profoundly biblical and shape both our hearts and our minds in deeper love for the Living God.


Why Sing?

The living God is musical and sings! Zephaniah 3 tells us that God himself sings over us. This is part of why music moves us so powerfully. and it is why it needs to be a part of our daily lives. The biggest book in the bible is a song book! Throughout history, the Christian church has had rich and beautiful music and we believe that is a reflection of the character of God. 

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