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We are excited to worship with you (in person or online) at All Saints' this Sunday!

Please be sure to look over the in-person worship procedures below, which are prescribed by the Diocese as measures to ensure our safety.  We are so looking forward to opening our doors to worship together again! Here's what we are doing to ensure everyone's safety:

- We are thoroughly sanitizing the sanctuary and restrooms each week in preparation for Sunday worship. 

- We have pews sectioned off to enable us to social distance during our services.
- Things may seem a little different as we first begin to gather in person again. 

- We will have a table where you will be greeted by a masked volunteer who will hand you the Sunday Bulletin and our prepackaged (and pre-consecrated) communion wafer and wine. Having communion in our pews may seem very foreign to us as Anglicans, but for now this allows us to have minimal foot traffic and movement within our sanctuary and allows us to protect the most vulnerable among us. This is temporary, and we look forward to kneeling at the altar together again soon.

- Parents, we will have our kids bags available to you. They are sanitized between each use. 

-During the passing of the peace, please stay in your own pew and avoid physical contact.

- During the offertory, the plates will not be passed around. We will have an offering plate at the entrance of the church and encourage online giving where possible.

Restrooms are available and will be sanitized between each use, but we do ask them to be used only when needed. 

- If you are singing in the Nave, please wear a mask. We will have masks available to anyone who would like one on Sunday morning. 
- If you are sick, please stay at home. We will continue to offer our service via Live Stream every week!

We know that these restrictions will be awkward for all of us. I also recognize that some will feel that we are being far too cautious, while others will feel that any physical gathering is reckless. I acknowledge, understand, and sympathize with both ends of this spectrum. This plan is one that has been prayerfully thought out in accordance with Diocesan requirements. We are confident that these are temporary solutions. Although imperfect, this next step will hopefully bring us closer to that day, not far off, when we can all gather together as a family to pray, hear God’s Word, keep the feast, and sing his praise.