Running Children



when we meet

Beginning in September, we meet every Sunday from 9:30-10:20am!
To find out where your child's class meets, click here for our Campus Guide. 

what we are studying


We believe that children have the capacity and ability to know God- to really know God. And they have an openness and eagerness to learn about him. At All Saints' we are so excited to offer the LIFE WITH GOD: for children Sunday School program. 


LIFE WITH GOD: for children is about true connection. Entertainment has become the fast and sterile substitute for the hard work of relationships. Children are hungry for relationships. They come into this world looking for connections. They call our names to woo us, they learn to make eye contact, and they cry and giggle, all for connection. Unfortunately our driving desire to be entertained has left us relationally depleted. Our Curriculum helps children not crave entertainment but connection. Don't worry! They will have tons of fun! But the fun is designed to help them build important life skills, like how to pray, how to study, how to show love, and how to connect.





what we do

In our time, we will offer snacks, have a time for the children to settle in and enjoy each other. Then we work together with them at their level to teach them the deep stories of scripture and help them to know how they can connect with and build a relationship with Jesus.